Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Cat in the Upstairs Room

This is Sally. Sally belongs to our daughter, Ellen. Ellen is in educational transition between SFA in Texas and WKU in Kentucky. During the in between time, Ellen and Sally will be staying with us here in Sanger. Sally will be living in the upstairs bedroom behind a closed door. Ellen has full run of the house.

This is Gus. Gus has a sneaking suspicion that Sally is in the upstairs room, although he has not personally seen her. There is a baby gate at the top of these stairs. Gus normally respects that gate. In addition, Gus has a fear of cats.

This is Bill and Joey. They respect the baby gate. They don't care that Sally is upstairs. Bill and Joey are both neutral in regards to cats.

This is Gracie. She shares Gus's suspicion that a C-A-T is upstairs. Gracie respects the baby gate, except when she doesn't. Gracie has no fear of cats. In fact she views cats as tasty tidbits, and would not hesitate in eating one (literally). Fortunately Gracie can not (as of yet) open a closed door. Gracie will be spending the next 4 weeks under strict supervision. Won't that be fun??


  1. Been there! Lol. Had to babysit my sis's cat for a week. We made it work, but I had to really, really put my foot down when my husband thought it would be "educational" to let the cat/dogs see each other. Educational for whom??

  2. Sounds like a challenge! I am slowly introducing the 2 new kittens to Daisy. Roscoe is fine with them. So far Daisy has not shown any agression. But now we have the dogs side of the house and the cat side. The door between has glass so they can see it each other. It helps.