Sunday, March 7, 2010

Destructo-puppy + Gracie the Grown-up = FUN!

This is Destructo-puppy. He is looking for a forever home.
This is Gracie the Grown-up. She is easily influenced by Destructo-puppy, and may be looking for a new home herself. I can make you a deal. How about a two-fer?
Partners in Crime.

Fun, Fun, Fun...

And more Fun...

Destructo-Puppy plus Gracie the (easily influenced to do bad things) Grown-up - debris.
Formerly known as the back porch mat.


  1. Ever seen the TV show called "Destroyed in Seconds"?
    Our dogs must watch it during the day when we are at work, because the practice it constantly! I love your photos and expression of fun on their faces.

  2. I don't think you should add "Destructo Puppy" in his description when you advertise him. :)

  3. He can also trim shrubs, and dig planting holes for 25 gallon trees...

  4. Isn't it just more fun when there's someone to influence? Is there also someone else to start blaming it on?

  5. Too cute! I'll trade you a new back porch mat for Destructo Puppy and Grown-Up Gracie.

  6. Wait! Are they eating our fruit trees?!?