Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hibernation in dachshunds

Bears are perhaps the most famous hibernating mammals. A lesser known, but equally skilled hibernator is the dachshund.  

Is it spring yet?

No? Didn't think so!

During the winter months a dachshund is able to hibernate for approximately 23 1/2 hours per day. The other 30 minutes of the day are used for scarfing down meals, peeing, and collecting attention. Unlike bears, who hibernate alone, dachshunds prefer to hibernate in groups of 2 to 4.

Hibernating buddies

Pit Bulls on the other hand, do not hibernate. They simply play hard, collapse for 30 minutes, and start all over again.

Just about ready...


  1. Oh, you are correct. Us pit bulls like to also go for walkies, play ball, play kong, beg for treats, eat lots of dinner and snakies, visit the neighbors, and read blogs!

  2. I love reading your blog!! Sorry about Ted - do I ask what happened?

  3. The little ones sure look cozy. Gus looks exhausted.