Monday, March 30, 2009

He Doesn't Like Dogs

The big dogs in our house are not supposed to be on the furniture - this would include the beds. Note that this big dog is not only on the bed, but is under the covers.

Oh, look who invited her onto the bed - "Mr. I don't like dogs".

Here is another example of "Mr. I don't like dogs", not liking Gracie.

One more picture of Gracie not being liked by "Mr. I don't like dogs".

Well maybe he does like THIS dog. But certainly no others...


  1. She's a furry rascal and I was framed. I think Gus did it.

  2. Lol. Same thing at our place. Byrd always says "No dogs on the bed EVER!" Yet lately when I walk into the bedroom I see that he's invited both dogs onto the bed, not even enough room left for me to get to bed. Hypocrite!

  3. Yes, I can tell by the big smile on your face that you were absolutely framed! I can just see Janet putting the ball in your hand and saying, "Here honey, look at the dog and smile." You are so busted!

  4. Isn't the bed bed a wonderful place?