Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Tilley Hat

Chris ordered a really cool hat from the Berkeley Hat Company in Berkeley, CA. It is a "Tilly Hat".

Hat information and hat stories are sent along with the hat. One of the more interesting stories involves a hat-eating elephant:

"Elephant trainer Michael Hackenberger of the Bowmanville (Ontario) Zoo had his Tilley Hat snatched from his head and eaten by an elephant. Three times.

Michael later would pick up his Hat, wash it thoroughly, and wear it. He has declined to accept a new one in order that we may have his well-traveled 'Tilley' for our museum.

We are secretly pleased."

Oh no! It seems Gus has taken a liking to the new Tilley Hat. Doesn't he look mysteriously adventurous?

Oh so cool, casual, and nonchalant.

Hmmm, wonder what this hat would taste like?

No Gus, you are not a hat-eating elephant.
Or are you?


  1. Aaa! Now my hat has furry rascal cooties!

    Bad dog!

    Bad wife!

  2. Gus you shore look swanky in that hat! Like Indiana Bones.

    Yer pal Dozer

  3. Cool hat for cool dog!