Sunday, August 30, 2009

Except For This One

He says, "don't like dogs!"

I say"except for this one who is a total suck up."
Look at how she plays him. The paw draped over his arm.

The "look how cute I am" eyes. The way she leans into him. He is putty in her paws.


  1. There I am quietly reading about bicycles, and up comes the furry rascal. It is obvious that I have been interrupted, am annoyed, and the furry rascal feels guilty.

    You are quite the story-spinner. I think you have a future as a CNN journalist.

  2. LOL!! Sounds just like my husband.
    Him: "Man I hate these mutts."
    Me: "Then why do you keep letting them on the bed with you? And stop giving them tidbits from your plate for crying out loud!"