Thursday, August 13, 2009

What We Like to See

These are dogs that are sleeping soundly because they have run agility sequences this morning. It is true that a tired dog is a good dog.



Bill - no wait he is just a pretender.

Today in Gracie's class we ran sequences, rather than just a couple of obstacles and then another couple of obstacles. Something that I knew became very apparent to the rest of the people there. Gracie is really FAST!!! and really ENTHUSIASTIC!!! about RUNNING!!! I will have a hard time living up to her potential.


  1. Oh Bill! Your little legs are too short for agilities!

  2. You're so lucky to have a dog that loves running! That's perfect for agility. Star loves doing the obstacles, but she doesn't like running and she won't go out in front of me. So I am having a very hard time in class, because we're supposed to be sending our dogs out to obstacles. Star looks at me like "What, you want ME to run while you just stand there?! No way!" Grr!

  3. Are you sure Star understands what you want her to do? I find that most of the time my dogs don't do what I ask (even Gus) is because they don't understand. Fortunately we have a great teacher who really understands how much dogs key off of our body language. She says, and I believe, that if body language and words conflict, dogs go with your body language. If fact the only word we are using at the point is "go" which is supposed to tell the dog to move straight ahead to take the obstacle right in front of him (not sure either of mine understand 100%)

  4. We strive for tired dogs - but never seem to have all three pooped at the same time. Maybe agility is the answer! :)

  5. Good point. I do try to be careful with my body language (my instructors have always stressed that too). I think I'll find out the answer when it gets cooler outside (whenever that will be!). She had a lot more enthusiasm in the spring months. :O