Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gracie's Very Bad Day

Gracie had a very bad day. Gracie is at the Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center, rather than snoozing here by my computer.

I was playing with Gracie and the other dogs this morning on our agility equipment. Gracie took 2 jumps, powered through the weave poles, and began dragging her right back leg, then the left as well.

I got her to the vet and she sent us to Dallas Vet Surgical Center, where Gracie will remain for a few days. The myleogram of her spine was normal, so it is not a ruptured disk, no surgery required. The suspected diagnosis is a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE). An FCE is like a stroke of the spinal cord. Apparently some disc material enters an artery causing an obstruction of the blood flow to the spine. A piece of the spine dies. Lots of dogs recover from an FCE, some don't. It is a painless injury. The good news is that the left leg still has a reflex response as well as feeling. Although there is no reflex response in the right leg, it does appear she still has some feeling - which is good. Hopefully Gracie will be able to walk again one day.

P.S. For those of my friends and relatives who can not believe I would go to this much trouble and expense for a dog (you know who you are), look at it this way - just doing my part to stimulate the economy... Love you!


  1. As part of your family, I understand. Dogs are like children and/or grandchildren. As long as your own children are "gone" and you don't have any grandchildren to ooo and awe over, dogs make great substitute children.

  2. It is a fearful thing to consider the amount of mothering this author might heap on her husband if there were not dogs to serve as a willing target. Instead, he is free to ride his bicycle in peace.

    Speedy recovery, Gracie!

  3. We hope Gracie is ok! We'll send thoughts and prayers for her!!

  4. praying for you and Gracie! had to give my pooch orthopedic surgery not too long ago, it's worth it if he's happy and comfortable.

    good luck!

  5. Hey Janet. I spent THOUSANDS of $$ on a 12 yr old dog this summer. Ruptured disc. Emergency trip to Sun Valley, cat scan, the works. Happy to say Buddy is walking again and has no pain. Worth every penny. Had another dog with similar injury as Gracie, never did surgery but kept him crated for several weeks. He recovered very nicely and lived for another 10+ years. Go Gracie!

  6. I doubt very seriously you have any friends/famaily who can't believe believe you would go to this much trouble and expense for your dogs...On the other hand, think about all of Gracie's old friends in the Animal Rescue Center...They would think Gracie has gone to live with Daddy Warbucks!