Thursday, October 1, 2009

Satan's Child

Here she is just chillin' with the dachshund, so calm and sweet...

Hard to believe...

She's off the team
Suspended with pay
Out of the game

Our girl was a big bully last week at agility class
Come to think of it, she's been kind of sassy lately...


  1. Sometimes dogs have an "off" day. Sometimes they're going through a phase. And sometimes they are just not too dog friendly. My old agility dog, Fel, didn't like strange dogs, but we kept going to class--just made sure everyone knew to give her some space so she didn't act up. It was fine; there were other dogs there who weren't friendly, so we all kept a respectful distance. The class was very organized and there was always lots of space, so it was not hard to keep all the dogs separate.

    Dozer is a whole other story. We took him to agility classes when he was young, but when he started acting like a jerk in class, we dropped him out. (We felt he wasn't really enjoying it anyway. Turns out we were right; he's a homebody, through and through.) Every dog is different!

  2. Everyone has a bad day. Sometimes I think when the weather changes they start to feel their oats.