Thursday, November 12, 2009

Physical Therapy and other musings

Chris was telling friends about Gracie. He mentioned that she can not walk. They said "why don't you take her to physical therapy? Ha Ha!"

Well guess what? That is an excellent idea! I just tossed them my credit card (again).

Gracie in the underwater treadmill. Working those back legs!

Walking over the poles. She has to pick up her feet.

Walking - This is not as easy as it looks.

Of course the other dogs still have lives I can comment on. Bill, or Agilitybill, as Chris refers to him, is in the foundation/beginner agility class. Today a cute little Jack Russell girl got all up into Bill's face. He handled himself quite well and now they are best friends. It is so much different training a small dog than training a big dog. For one thing, my back is killing me from having to bend over to lure or deliver treats to Mr. Bill. But, on the positive side, if he is not cooperating with me, I can just pick him up and relocate him. Not so much with the big dogs.

Gus also had agility class today. He is in the level 2 class, which a step above beginners. He is doing very well. Usually (OK, even more often than usually) when he messes up on a sequence, it is my fault. Sometimes I just get lost on the course, or give him the wrong, or late cue. Agility is not as easy as it looks, either.

In addition to agility, Gus got lucky this afternoon when I was distracted by a phone call and left the bag of agility treats in the backyard. It is one of those square (actually it is a cube) vinyl lunch bag things with the zipper. Inside it was a bully stick plus several ziplock bags containing cheese, hot dogs, vienna sausage, and boring kibble. When I noticed the carnage all that was left was a tattered, zipperless lunch bag, + empty, ripped plastic bags, + a slightly chewed bully stick. He is sleeping it off now.

One more thing, to the person in class who is scared of Gus - really he is just a dog, not a chupacabra. Maybe he is a pit bull, or a pit bull mix - but I promise not a chupacabra.
Just saying...

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  1. More proof that Janet's dogs are smarter than I am. They get treats when provide the desired behavior.

    The next time I fold the laundry, I want to see some peanut M&Ms.

  2. If that's all it takes sweetie, you got it!

  3. I just found your blog. I'm addicted! I am gonna read back to see how you got started on agility with your dogs... and I am hopeful for Gracie to heal fast! Love your photos.

  4. Way to go Gracie. You can go swimming with us in no time..
    Gus, people think Sis's new dog is bad too. She is a Dogo which has some Pit in her but she too is the sweetest thing. Callie even warmed up to her on Saturday when she came to visit... They had a great game of chase. Of course Callie is way to fast for Marley's clumsy puppy body..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  5. Gracie is in my thoughts all the time. The hydrotherapy is supposed to be great, I hope it helps her along.