Saturday, November 7, 2009

How's Gracie?

Gracie is doing OK. She can't stand completely, she can't walk properly, she doesn't have control of her bladder or bowels, but Gracie is doing OK. She has made small improvements since Gracie's Very Bad Day. Gracie is now playing the wait-it-out-game. While improvements will probably not be measured by days, the expectation is that they will be measured by weeks and months. Gracie is not on strict crate rest, rather she is on more of a supervised activity schedule. The Application of Heat, Passive Range of Motion Exercises, Standing Exercises, and Walking Exercises are the prescribed method of healing, along with time - lots of time. Gracie seems to be happy with this turn of events. She's living in the moment, not concerned with what tomorrow may or may not bring. Probably not a bad way to approach life...

Gracie and Gus enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Gracie enjoying a good chew toy in the fresh hay of the outside kennel.

Gracie chewing, Gus chillin'.

Gracie taking a break from walking exercises. Notice the back legs - not working quite right.

Taking a walk, using the "walk a bout", to hold up the back end.


  1. OMG!!! I am so sorry. I have been awful about keeping up with blogs lately. Please keep us posted, she will be in my prayers. Are you doing diapers for her? How are they working, I am condsidering them for Bug.

    I know what you mean about people syaing things about money spent on our animals. yesterday someone said something to me about Bug, and that I was paying for all the tests and he wasn't even my dog, and he may have to be put to sleep. I replied "it's like giving to your favorite charity, but you don't get a reciept".

  2. No diapers. She is not incontinent, I actually have to express her bladder. I take her outside and she pees on my schedule, unless of course I was to wait too long and her bladder overfills and leaks. Fortunately that has not happened. The vets tell me to empty her often, so that her bladder will stay healthy and she will have the best chance of gaining voluntary control. The pooing is a little more of hit or miss thing - I'll spare you the details.