Monday, January 25, 2010

A Short Update

Our family computer crashed several weeks ago. That is the main reason this blog has been neglected. I can use Chris's laptop, but it is not convenient. Hopefully we will get a new computer soon and the neglect will end. The dogs are doing well. Gracie is up walking and running. She can run as fast as Gus, which is slow for her since she once was "wicked" fast and could basically run circles around him. Her gait while functional is not pretty. The back right leg tends to swing out in a peculiar way and she sits funny. But she is a very happy girl, and that is the main thing.

Just Chilling

Agility Bill

Bill is finishing up the foundation/level one agility class. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to agility, or perhaps more accurately when it comes to agility food rewards. He's cute, it's fun, and I plan to continue with him!

Coming soon a post on living room agility. Using the ottoman as a pause table and dining room
chairs plus mops as wing jumps. Fun for all dogs!


  1. Hi Bill!

    My name is Angel and I'm a Daschund like you! While I am now in the "cougar" age category, I still think you are one handsome weiner!

  2. So good to hear from you and an update on Gracie.

  3. Living room agility is a cool idea! Hope you have some videos.

    love & wags,