Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Night, Living Room Agility

It has been a cold/wet week and weekend here on the North Texas prairie, and the pit bulls are becoming feisty. Hanging around inside with nothing much to do is OK for awhile, but they can only take so much. Tonight we set up the "agility course". The course consists of two chairs + one mop handle = wing jump, one ottoman = pause table, and one play tunnel = tunnel (duh!).

Gus taking a jump. Good job Gusser!

Gracie coming out of the tunnel. Trickier than it looks. Her right leg frequently catches the tunnel edge during entry.

Still the girl can move!

Gracie taking a jump. She can jump about eight inches without knocking the bar.

Notice how well the left leg can be pulled up to jump. The right leg, not so much...

Silly Gus chillin' in the tunnel. By the way two 50 pound dogs can not fit into this tunnel side by side - doesn't stop them from trying however.

Bill coming out of the tunnel. Tight turn, wonder where he is going?

Bill pausing on the table. He likes this obstacle (alot!)

Bill jumping the same height that Gracie does. Look at how high he gets. Go little dog! Go!

Sometimes Mr Bill cheats and runs on the outside of the tunnel instead of the inside of the tunnel. No reward for you this time, Mr. Bill!

And that is Saturday night, living room agility (S.N.L.R.A.)

One more thing. Perhaps we could incorporate this red bike into S.N.L.R.A. It could be similar to the tire jump. The dogs would leap through the opening in the bike frame. What about it, honey, want to donate your new toy to the cause??


  1. As you know...honey...when furry rascals start the agility ruckus in the house, the bike moves to a safer room.

    There are, however, four actual tires on your car.

  2. Oh looks like fun!