Friday, August 6, 2010

Justin Animal Shelter out of business

The Justin City Council has chosen to eliminate Justin Animal Control due to the city's financial situation. The target date for relocating all of the animals is August 24. We currently have 8 puppies, 5 adult dogs, as well as kittens and adult cats (unless something came in today that I don't know about). The animals are listed at the following petfinder link. If you or someone you know are interested in one of these animals you can call Animal Control @940-648-2541 x113.

All available animals are listed at the link. All adoptions are free.


  1. Oh no! Are you out of a job? What will happen to the community's pets in future?

  2. This is awful. Ditto to YesBiscuit's question - will the situation just go unchecked?

    I'm so sorry to hear this.

  3. Oh Dear? Are they transfering you, or are you out of a position?

  4. I am a free agent 8-24-10.

    The city will probably contract with a private facility for emergency only service.