Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sucker for a Pretty Face

And so since Justin Animal Control is shutting its doors
And this little guy needed to get out ASAP
And since he is so cute, he landed at my house

But, not to worry
He is not staying

He is moving to League City to be the "little brother" to Joey
My youngest's dachshund

Since she can't decide on a name for the little cutie
I am calling him Puppy-wuppy

She did send me a list of "Skills My Puppy Should Have"
My job is to instill these skills into Puppy-wuppy's small skull prior to him going to his forever home
I think I can reach a close approximation to this wish list...

1. Know that the bathroom ALWAYS outside, NEVER inside, even when he is scared. (Good Potty training and no submissive peeing)
2. Can be in crate without being upset
3. The less barking, the better, especially when nobody is home
4. Chewing only on appropriate objects
5. I would love to have a dog who fetches or does some kind of playing
6. Basic commands like sit and down so Carey can ruin it... I'll teach him the touch his nose to the tuppaware!


  1. Hmmm... There's another dog that wasn't supposed to stay, either. :)

    He's ADORABLE! I think Puppy-Wuppy is just right. Until he becomes Doggy-Woggy.

  2. He is so cute, and so lucky to have his new family.