Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Special Shelter Dogs

We currently have two special ladies at the Justin Texas animal shelter looking for two equally special homes.

Suzie came in as a stray on July 29, 2009, and currently calls the shelter her home. If you do the math, Suzie has been in the shelter for a little over 6 months. Often dogs who are in a shelter situation (translation: loud, stressful environment) begin to display undesirable, stress related behaviors. Suzie has been able to take it all in stride. She plays well with others, and has incredible dog to dog social skills, of course she loves people as well. I would classify her as "bomb proof" around other dogs. Cats however, not so much... If she is so incredible why has she not been adopted? Because people come in, look at her and say: "yikes a pit bull!" And so it goes...

This little darling is called Shasta. She came in as a stray on January 20, 2010. I truely like this sweet gal, too! She is such a wiggle-butt it is difficult to get a picture of her. She really loves people (alot!). She gets along well with other dogs. Shasta has not been around as long as Suzie, therefore we have not had the opportunity to observe her interaction with as many different dogs as Suzie. So far there has been no indication that she is anything but friendly with other dogs. No one has shown any interest in adopting Shasta either.

If you think you might need a little more pit bull in your life, consider one of these special girls! I'd be happy to help you explore the possibilities!!

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  1. Oh, they're beauties. They need a chance at life beyond the shelter walls. I live in Connecticut and have four dogs already, one a Pit Bull; I wish I could help... My paws are crossed for these gorgeous gals!