Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blue Moon's Lucky Chance

I dunno why, but it just seemed to me that he should have a fancy sounding name. Parvo -puppy does not seem adequate. Since he is blue and white and very lucky to have received another chance for life he shall be named "Blue Moon's Lucky Chance". His call name is Chance. I did not know, but he is potentially still contagious for the next 2 weeks, so he could not go back to the shelter after being released from the animal E.R. Saturday night. He currently is residing in my laundry room, and being a Very Good Sport about the whole thing! You may recall the E.R. vet did not want to euthanize him even though the City would not fund the treatment for parvo virus. I knew the treatment would be expensive, I did not realize how expensive. The E.R. Hospital offered to treat him for what they would have charged for the initial exam + euthanazia. In all the total cost of the grace extended to this little one was just under $2000. Wow!

Now all he needs is a forever home!

Taking a treat.

What a cute face!

Can't wait to get out from behind these bars

Did I mention that he is cute, potty trained, and needs a home? How 'bout it? You could be the one to give this story the truly happy ending it deserves.


  1. He's so beautiful - and I LOVE the name! He's a lucky fella, having crossed paths with you, then again with the vets. I hope he gets the most wonderful home in the world; he deserves it!

  2. Hi--I just found your blog. What a beautiful puppy, and so lucky to have a second chance. Your dogs are all so cute!

  3. He is beautiful.. We are sure you will find him a wonderful forever home in no time.. The power of blogging....

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie