Saturday, May 2, 2009

An Aha! Moment

Gus and I have been taking an agility class for the past six or seven weeks. Let me preface this story by saying that some dogs in the class need a bit more space than other dogs do. In other words, some dogs aren't comfortable with other dogs up in their face. Gus is one such dog. He is NOT the only dog in the class that likes his space. I am extra cautious about being sure Gus gets extra space.  I move Gus away from other dogs headed our way, I hang out at the fringes of the class until it is our turn. One final point - Gus was in no way involved in the one dog fight that occurred during week two or three of the class. 

So, on to the story...

Several weeks ago one of the other participants in the agility class commented that Gus really seems to like and  respond to me.  Well of course, I am his most reliable treat dispenser. Then the comment was made that Gus sure looks "scary". I assured the person that Gus is very, very people friendly, but that is all I said. Last week somehow Gus and I ended up close to this guy. He asked me about Gus and I said again that he is very, very people friendly. Gus noticed the guy talking to me and looking at him. Gus went all waggy tail and started toward the guy. We were close enough for Gus to walk up to the guy without pulling on the leash, so I let him go make friends. He was practically bending himself in half wagging his tail. The guy said in a very surprised voice while he is petting Gus "He really is a sweet dog", as Gus is giving the guy kisses and tail wagging like crazy, "but he still looks scary".  Oh well, baby steps...

I am not scary, well maybe I am scary, but not in a bad way!


  1. He is NO WAY scary! :)

  2. Easter meets Mardi Gra and St. Patricks Day, you shoudl show that guy this pic.
    I forgot to ask you. Was Gus on Fox 4 news, I swear I saw him with bunny ears on. They were showing cute pictures of kids & pets.

  3. Why do continue to dress Gus up in ridiculous outfits. I understand WE know he is a big baby, but we've got to keep him at least LOOKING tough. This is your final warning... no more pansy clothes on my tough dog. =) I love you mommy.

  4. one day i made a comment about fred becoming a therapy dog. michael said - but mom, fred's to scary looking to be a therapy dog! i replied - not when he smiles. michael responds -- THAT"S when he's at his scariest!

    gus is too cute all the time. he's so patient to 'allow' you to dress him up!

  5. I had this exact same experience with my old dog Felanie. She was in agility, preferred her space, looked downright evil with her cropped ears/yellow eyes... but was the most people-lovin' dog on the planet. And did great in agility until her dysplasia got worse.

    Sad part was, although the folks in the small agility class came to know and love her (and understand her space requirements), competitions were a whole other story. We became very grateful for the friendships we made during class; at least that way, we had some friends to talk to at the competitions. Because everyone else avoided us like the plague.