Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer agility practice in Texas

Summers in Texas are hot. That is just a fact of life here.  Pit bulls, at least my pit bulls, are not summer dogs. Gus is especially not a summer dog. Anything over about 70 degrees and he no longer performs. He's looking for shade, asking for a straw hat and lemonade, followed by a siesta. This evening the temperature was 81 degrees and I thought we might try a bit of agility practice in the shade. Nothing very strenuous, just a little circle work and practicing fast downs. Gracie was all over both of those games - after all the reward is food. Gracie is very food motivated. I had her working for her kibble, but I  believe she would probably work for small rocks.  Gus declined the game - 81 degrees and kibble? Not worth it.

Thanks, but I'll just practice my down stay right here.

It is entirely possible kibble was dropped in the grass. I must locate all of it, even if I'm hot!

I think I will join Gus in the down stay practice.

It is not even June yet.  It's going to be a hot summer, once again...


  1. Amen to that. I can't believe how hot it is already. I'm taking Star to agility classes at 7:30 pm and the sun is still baking us even at that late hour. Star is like Gus--she starts dragging when it's too hot. Treats... bleah. Too hot for treats.

    I can't wait to move into the advanced classes that are held when the sun is down. It won't be much cooler, but it will help a little bit.

  2. Beautiful dogs!!

    My Pit Bulls LOVE the heat here in California. But the heat here is not that hot in comparison.

    Lovely photos!

  3. I dislike the heat very much, Daisy isn't so bad. She will still want her kong game, but will usually quit early. We are experiencing typical Los Angeles Jume gloom weather, lots of marine layer that doesn't burn off til later afternoon. Its ok by me. Summer can wait. Stay cool!