Friday, May 8, 2009

The College Students' Conversation

My college age daughter (she will be a college grad May 16, 2009 - yeah!) has a picture of Gracie on her phone. The following is an actual conversation she recently had with two friends.

Friend R: Who's pit bull is that?

Ellen: My mom's.

Friend R: Is your mom a gangster?

Friend A: Those dogs will kill you.

At this point Ellen vehemently defends Gracie's honor. She does not address the question of whether or not her mom is a gangster, however.


  1. Happy Gagsta Mothers day!

  2. Too funny. You just need some spinners on your rims and... hmmm... what else do gangstas traditionally do? Maybe some loud rap music...? As a fellow pit bull owner and therefore obviously also a gangster, I guess I should be more knowledgable about this...